White Papers / Case Studies

Good information shouldn't be cut short. Lay it all out with long-form content.

Good Information + Good Design

You’ve done good work, and now you want to show it off. But how? White papers and case studies are some of the simplest, yet most effective ways to share your knowledge and noteworthy capabilities with clients. The beauty attached to white papers and case studies is that they can be tailored to fit any business — and produce a variety of benefits. 


These forms of content are traditionally longer in length and deeper in insight. They give businesses and organizations the opportunity to fully explain and visually show audiences what value they can add, or what critical information they should be aware of. White papers and case studies are often aimed at serving as evergreen-like content (SEO content that doesn’t go out of style or search relevance). Therefore, businesses can bank on using their white papers and case studies in several marketing avenues, and trust that it will remain useful for years to come. From lead magnets to email marketing, the versatility of white papers and case studies makes it a smart investment.

Writers That Can Go Deep

Our experienced team is well versed in both long-form and short-form content and our approach is simple: leave no stone unturned. When people go to read this type of long-form content, they expect to be flooded with information that isn’t easily found in a 600-word blog post. We perform interviews and extensive research in order to deliver a written product that is in-depth, accurate, understandable, and interesting. A white paper and case study serve a strong purpose — and therefore require the right experts. We can help with that.