Mobile Version of News Website Goes Live

Columbia Business Times
The Columbia Business Times is the leading, focused source of business news in Columbia, MO

We’re pleased to announce that the mobile version of the Columbia Business Times quietly went live simultaneously with the online publishing of Volume17, Issue18 on Friday, April 1, 2011. This was accomplished a full month ahead of schedule.

Just hit from your cell phone. The site will detect your browser type and show you the mobile version. iPhone users even get prompted with instructions on how to add an app icon to their phone.

If you hit from your DESKTOP, but want to see the cell phone friendly version of the website, scroll to the very bottom and click on “Switch to our mobile site”.

We left the full version of the site as the default from the iPad and iPad2. There is plenty of screen space and the site fills it very well.  The mobile version on the iPad just looked too sparse.

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