Mizzou’s Licensing Office Gets a Whole New Look

MU Licensing and Trademark Office's New Website
MU Licensing and Trademark Office’s New Website

Visit the new University of Missouri’s Licensing and Trademarks website now at:

The MU Office of Licensing and Trademarks was established to protect and promote the marks, names, and logos of the University of Missouri. Through a partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company, they monitor commercial and internal use of MU indicia, and are responsible for managing more than 400 licensees. The office was looking for a site with a new design and modern functionality.

Delta was asked to create a new user-friendly and eye-catching website. The site was required to have multiple contact forms and give the user the ability to upload art and documents for review. All messages received through the contact forms had to route to the correct employee. The ability to find local retailers based on the user’s locale was also a requirement.


Delta created a modern design with the carousel as the main feature. The homepage design allows for the user to easily find relevant content in only one to two clicks. This includes contact information, applying for licenses, finding information for specific licenses, to name a few.

MU Licensing Office Art Approval/Royalty Form
MU Licensing Office Art Approval/Royalty Form

Contact Forms

The user friendly requirement extends to both the users of the site and the ability for the Licensing’s Office to update the site. Using gravity forms, Delta accomplished both. We gave the ability to the user to find the contact form they need and deliver their documents and information in only a few steps. Using gravity forms in the WP Admin, gives the Licensing office an extremely easy way to update any of their contact forms with limited frustration.



MU Licensing WP Admin FAQ
MU Licensing WP Admin FAQ custom post type example

FAQ Manager

Adding to the user friendly design for both users and the Licensing Office, we also developed a FAQ custom post type. This custom post type allows for the Licensing Office to add new FAQ’s, set their order, and position them on the home page if desired. We also added custom code to allow the office to see at a glance if any one FAQ is visible on the home page or not.

Local Retailer in WP Admin
MU Licensing Store Locator plug-in in WP Admin
MU Licensing Store Locator plug-in on website
MU Licensing Store Locator plug-in on website

Local Retailers

The same approach to the contact forms was used to accomplish the local retailers requirement. We wanted to create an easy way for the License Office to perform updates, while keeping the user friendly design and ease of use for the user. To accomplish this we used the Store Locator plug in.


Delta is also entrusted to host this website (as well as several other highly-trafficked subdomains).