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Delta has pushed an early version of live. The system is in wide beta testing. New features and functionality are being planned and implemented.

In addition to the educational, planning, monitoring, and budgeting sections, you will benefit from Emma’s bill pay reminders, calendar, and important financial to do lists.

Emma helps Plan

Reaching your long-term financial goals cannot be done without having a financial plan in place. Whether you know your long-term financial plans or are just starting out, Emma will assist you online in making your goals happen. Tell Emma what you want and where you want to go, she’ll provide you with financial tools and help get you organized so the two of you can get there together.

Emma helps Budget

Whether you have a financial budget, need a budget, or are just starting out, Emma’s personal finance website will make online budgeting a piece of cake.

Hundreds of books and Web sites offer standardized budgets, but these resources are not designed with YOU in mind. Create a personalized financial plan and budget using Emma’s unique online budgeting tools and begin accomplishing your financial goals today!

Emma helps Monitor

Emma knows the easiest way to achieve your personal financial goals is to track and monitor your budget and progress. Emma’s financial dashboard is available online 24/7 and provides an easy-to-understand summary of where you are in relation to your financial goals. Emma even goes one step further to help manage your money online by giving you financial monitoring tools to stay organized and on top of your cash flow and the important items on your financial to do list.

Emma helps Educate

Emma’s vast online financial video library shares financial tips and helps you learn what you need to know to manage your money, on your time, and at your pace. Whether it is saving for retirement, selecting insurance, or buying a house, count on Emma’s easy-to-follow personal finance video tutorials.

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