Agents National Title Insurance Gets Some Press, Mentions Software Built By Delta


Yesterday, the Columbia Daily Tribune ran a story about Agents National Title Insurance. We thought we’d take this opportunity to explain how Delta is involved.

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“CEO David Townsend said the company‚Äôs growth is tied to a custom software system that allows its network of 65 independent agents to research and underwrite the policies.”

David is referring to the system at that was built by Delta Systems. Delta continues to improve and expand the industry-leading online policy generation and tracking system with some exciting improvements and expansions coming in 2008.

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“During an interview with the Tribune, Townsend pulled out his cell phone, pushed a few buttons and displayed up-to-the-minute company financial data.”

This is a reference to the dashboard that Delta Systems built to allow all the investors the opportunity to watch jackets being generated in real time. This dashboard works on mobile phones and is often watched throughout the day by several interested parties.

Columbia Daily Tribune
Columbia Daily Tribune

The full story can be read online at the Tribune’s website.

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Update: Farmers National Title Insurance was renamed to Agents National Title Insurance in January of 2009. This article now references their new website.