Delta Helps Neurology, Inc. Move Network to New Offices


On Tuesday, Delta finished helping Neurology, Inc. move from the Keene Medical Building to new offices at 1705 East Broadway, Suite 280, Columbia, MO 65201.

“I am very happy to say that Jason has us up and running.”

– Teresa Burbridge, Office Manager

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Delta Systems can help almost any sized company move their technology from one location to another. Delta can help coordinate phone and data vendors as well as computer wiring specialists and the people that will be physically moving the equipment. Delta strives to make every move as painless as possible by working quickly and overcommunicating when unexpected issues arise. Moving network circuits can be a nightmare; Delta can help streamline that process by leaning on our experience and strong ties with Socket, CenturyTel, iZones, and Tranquility.

Delta also consults businesses during the design phase of new buildings to make sure network drops, electrical outlets, server rack space, and ventilation are considered for current and future needs.