Delta Goes International, Multilingual with Benin’s Laboratory of Applied Ecology New Website


Delta Systems is pleased to announce the availability of a new website for the Laboratory of Applied Ecology.

The Laboratory of Applied Ecology (LEA) is part of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences (FSA) at the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC-Benin). The LEA is one of the most advanced research institutions on natural resources in West Africa.

The Republic of Benin
The Republic of Benin is a country of about nine million people and is located in West Africa.

Delta Systems became involved thanks to Dr. Roland Holou, then an ambitious doctoral student at the University of Missouri – Columbia.  Roland’s commitment to helping his fellow countrymen is exemplary.

Delta Systems set out to help the Laboratoire d’Ecologie Appliquée put up a system that would allow them to showcase their work, partnerships, and extensive photo collection. The site needed to be available in English, French, and eventually Yorùbá. To keep costs low, the site needed to be able to allow the adding, updating, and translating of content to be handled by multiple people on multiple continents.

Delta Systems provided the website design and is the web hosting provider for the LEA.