Delta Builds Online Product Recall Tracking System For International Pet Food Manufacturer


Diamond Pet Foods needed a comprehensive recall management system that could be used in multiple call centers and at corporate headquarters. Since phone lines were jammed, the system needed to have an online component that allowed customers to submit information about their pet directly to the company. This information needed to be accessible in multiple locations at any time of day or night. Hard copies of the inbound information needed to be created as it came in, so Delta Systems implemented a solution that completely automated that task (except for reloading the printer with paper). The information was put into an online issue tracking system that allowed everyone to take and attach detailed information regarding each individual case.   At one point, Delta even integrated Google Maps so that Diamond Pet Food personnel could better visualize where the pet food recall was having the biggest effect. This allowed Diamond to target news agencies in those areas to get the word out more quickly and effectively.

As the story of the recall grew and climbed to be the number one news story on Google News for several hours, website traffic grew exponentially. At its peak, the web system handled 1.4 million unique visitors in a 3 hour period when the story lead the NBC Nightly News.  Thanks to Delta’s quick thinking and expert assistance from Jeremy Fields, the website worked flawlessly and was updated almost continuously for months.

Delta was proud to be able to help quickly implement a crisis management and information gathering system that improved customer communication. This communication improvement potentially saved the lives of thousands of animals across the Northeastern United States.

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