Delta Advises FCR on Issue and Client Management System


Federal Check Recovery called on Delta Systems for initial guidance on implementing a customer relationship management system (CRM System).

Delta Systems always carefully considers many factors when advising clients. The biggest factor is always “buy versus build”. Is it better/cheaper/faster to just buy an off the shelf system? Or does the client need a completely customized solution? Perhaps there is room for a hybrid solution? Either way, Delta can do all of these and advises clients as such.

We can’t beat QuickBooks on price or features, but we can write systems that integrate with all versions of QuickBooks.

We can’t beat Goldmine on price or features, but we can write systems that push or pull data from that CRM solution.

Here is a summary of our advice:

Highrise This has a free trial and is very easy to setup.

The tour makes this look very good for what you need – “Cases help you keep related notes, files, images, and people together on one screen.”

Limited to 50,000 contacts before you have to create another account.


has an online ‘webinar’ many days at 3pm central time:

Also has a tool that we could use to build you a custom app based on


Live online demo every Tues and Thurs at 2pm