AVG Free 8.0 is Still Free


Don’t be confused, AVG v8.0 is still free for home users

You can download it from

Your current install of AVG may be complaining that you MUST download an update and get onto version 8 before June 1, 2008.  However, the good people at Grisoft make it appear that v8.0 is $54.99. “AVG Internet Security” is what costs $54.99. It adds anti-spam protection, a firewall, file download protection, and website surfing protection. Some of these are redundant to what is included with your Windows XP or Vista installation as well as protections built in to Internet Explorer 7.0.

They make a great product and we highly recommend their entire suite of applications. However, we thought we’d blog about the free version still being out there since they did a very good job of burying it.

So, if you just want virus protection, then get the free version.