3 Reasons to Have Cohesive Messaging Across Your Campaign


It takes multiple exposures to a message before it becomes absorbed by consumers. That’s why you’ll see that same Burger King commercial four times within an hour of watching cable TV. Repetition and consistency are two of the pillars that successful marketing rests upon.

On the other hand, bad advertising is wrapped up in diluting brand messaging. What makes the biggest brands successful is their reliable and expected messaging to their audience. They are consistent with their logos, voice, coloring, typeface, etc. Consumers enjoy the sense of comfortability, they know what to expect from XYZ because they have seen cohesive messaging throughout all their campaigns.

Imagine seeing a Macy’s holiday commercial without their recognizable sans serif font, and the iconic red star logo. Instead, you are met with bold gothic font and a yellow star. You’d probably be so caught off guard that the commercial’s message would be lost in translation. Too many cooks in the kitchen ruin a meal, meaning too many variations within a marketing campaign can result in a loss of potential success. It is important to note that brand messaging goes far beyond logos, typeface, and slogans. Things like the color scheme, tone, vocabulary, tagline placement, and more, all need to be consistent from the beginning.

There is this backwards thinking that exists in marketing — content first, strategy later. This can be a fatal first step, costing time, money, and customers. A well-devised gameplan not only increases the likelihood of campaign delivery, but also makes the development of content easier. Ad campaigns take time to mature and take hold within the mind of a conscious consumer, they can’t afford to be wishy-washy in their message.

“A few reasons why cohesive messaging is important:

1. You are building relationships with your customers, and just like a new relationship, mixed signals are never good!

2. You want your brand to be recognizable. If you have the same messaging across your different channels they will know it’s you without needing your name. That’s how you build brand recognition. Think about slogans like “I’m Lovin It” or “Just Do it.” I don’t need to tell you who these companies are, or even show you their logo, they have continued to use consistent messaging to build themselves into some of the most recognizable brands in the world.”
Hannah Rubin, Venta Marketing Director of Digital Marketing

Reason 1: Increases Credibility

Cohesive messaging across your campaign brings several elements into play. Consistency works in your favor by reflecting the perception that your business is: legitimate, trustworthy, professional, and organized. Ensuring that consumers have a positive viewpoint of your campaigns is vital to the success and longevity of your business. This all starts with consistent messaging.

Reason 2: Improves Brand Awareness

The value of brand awareness goes beyond quantifiable numbers. This source of capital pays the biggest dividends in today’s crowded market. People default to buying from who they know. There is a sense of comfortability that comes with buying something you are familiar with. Obviously, brand awareness comes from years of existing, but beyond that, it centers around cohesive messaging. By running campaigns that strike consistent messaging, consumers are able to learn about you — what service or good you provide, and why they need it.

Reason 3: Better Return On Investment

The single goal of a marketing campaign is to ultimately generate leads. It is in a business’s best interest to optimize their campaigns to squeeze the most out of it. It is a plain fact that cohesive messaging throughout an ad campaign does, in fact, result in better outcomes. An effective campaign that is both clear and consistent will yield better cost per acquisition and more lead conversions. The ability to have repeated messaging opportunities is vital to seeing an ad campaign perform well — cohesive messaging allows for lower expenses and more ad spend freedom.

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